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While I was busy for a while, I missing out... :iconaspider25:ASpider25 63 30 Merry Squidmas, Everybody! :iconaspider25:ASpider25 87 51 D.Va plays all night! :iconaspider25:ASpider25 47 13 Splatwatch - SniperTheFox's Play of the Game :iconaspider25:ASpider25 43 15 Splatoon GMOD - Spider's Splatastic Match :iconaspider25:ASpider25 46 17 Joining with Inkura :iconaspider25:ASpider25 55 25 Daily Shantae :iconaspider25:ASpider25 55 17 It's Splat Time! :iconaspider25:ASpider25 54 24 My Corrin Customization :iconaspider25:ASpider25 19 11 Splatoon GMOD - Squad Ranked Battle :iconaspider25:ASpider25 53 22 Splatoon - Dark Squid Vengeance :iconaspider25:ASpider25 69 18 Inkling's Sad Face :iconaspider25:ASpider25 60 29 Showing their weapons at Inkopolis. :iconaspider25:ASpider25 38 15 SniperTheFox with an Inkbrush :iconaspider25:ASpider25 54 12 Palutena Purifies :iconaspider25:ASpider25 35 16 Me and my Squid Friends :iconaspider25:ASpider25 60 18


for Spider :iconmela-the-cat:Mela-the-cat 23 23 Happy Birthday to Alex Spider :iconellietsukino:EllieTsukino 21 4 Happy Birthday, Alex Spider! (Idle Animation GIF) :iconanimatorrobot:AnimatorRobot 14 4 Happy Birthday, Alex Spider! [Splatoon SFM] :icongeoffman275:Geoffman275 43 11 [Gift] Spider Inkling! :iconpit-artist:Pit-Artist 8 10 Splatoon GMOD/SFM Heroes :iconrexlegendart:REXLegendArt 74 54 Team Fortress x Overwatch :iconthesupremejoyner98:thesupremejoyner98 46 17 When you open a loot box.. :iconjester5728:Jester5728 65 11 Fire Emblem Fates: Kagero :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 904 43 Faces of Splatoon :iconpoool157:Poool157 120 51 Fire Emblem Fates - Nohr VS Hoshido Civil War :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 990 72 Cheesecake Party :iconpoool157:Poool157 34 10 2D art vs 3D animations :iconrussellinkling:RussellInkling 11 7 Spider annoyed :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 11 64 Lobster Lord no more... :iconmuimushroom:MuiMushroom 430 144 Fire Emblem: I Picked This Side Just for You :iconbatensan:batensan 547 45



ASpider25's Profile Picture
Spider (スパイダー)
United States
Konichiwa Amigos, I'm Spider (スパイダー25) of the Green Spider Headquarters. Of Course I was born in Okinawa long time and came to US.
ASpider25 is my youtube user.
My Playstation 4 user is SpiderUnit.

My Steam:…

My Skype: ASpider25

My BattleLog: Battlefield 3:…

My friend 1337gamer15 Steam Discussion…


While I was busy for a while, I missing out...
Just let everyone know, I'm still alive and active. I know I haven't get a chance to upload any videos or something new. It's because I have struggling to focus on college, and working on my part time jobs, even more tasks to complete. But I hope I have enough time to do something new for my video projects or anykind. Well, I appreciated to everyone who are so patient for me. I'm still working on my next gmod videos or more ideas later soon. Thank you.
Also, take good care of yourselves
Merry Squidmas, Everybody!
I wanted to feature me and my friends, even everyone, to show my Christmas Special Poster I made. I hope to say Merry Christmas to my Squid friends, and to all of my friends and everybody for this Holiday.

Or in Splatoon, Merry "Squid"mas :D
My birthday is on Sunday Dec 18. Thank you guys. I'm still be busy with work and college but I'll be alright.
D.Va plays all night!
She has her Dorito Chips and Mountain Dews for some MLG montage tonight.

I'm interested to try out Overwatch for my next GMOD video soon. I'll still working on Splatoon and other gmod videos, but im might busy with something else in mind.
Splatwatch - SniperTheFox's Play of the Game
I just made a Garry's Mod screenshot and an animated short cutscene for his video, reference from Overwatch.
Also, he's usually playing my account though, but he'll share sometimes; even he has his Wii U account also.

Check out my Brother's Splatoon gameplay into Overwatch POFG style:…


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wraith98 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hey spider which do you prefer using in you gmods as weapon? the tommy gun or the vulcan?
teamfortress123 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
hi sean i a fan of lockjawInsta-Trap Pixel Icon for Rebelzrazor Insta-Trap Pixel Icon for Rebelzrazor Insta-Trap Pixel Icon for Rebelzrazor Insta-Trap Pixel Icon for Rebelzrazor 
SeantheInkling Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  New Deviant  Digital Artist
kkusanagitw Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
Hi, spider.
Do you have taking the request?
About that...I just want to see you make this picture's smexual audio...…
UltimateAlexandra1 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Hi Aspider!
SeantheInkling Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  New Deviant  Digital Artist
Yo spider what's up.
SeantheInkling Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  New Deviant  Digital Artist
Hi spiderman.
Hey Spider, I don't think you do requests, but if possible, can you one time make an Inkling version of Rubberfruit? I think it will be pretty fun, cool, and just plain funny to see him stealing other inklings' crap as an inkling himself while shouting "MINE!" and laughing like an idiot.
EpicBritannia877 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017
hay can I say something to you 
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